Research Skills Workshop

Qualitative Workshop: Building Your Research Skills

Please register for the workshop using this Google Sheet. Space will be limited to about 30 people. In the spirit of providing an engaging experience for attendees, Dr. Caron has asked that registrants forward aspects of qualitative research that they would like more practical experience with (refer to “topics of interest” in google sheet). This may include designing interview guides, conducting interviews, analyzing qualitative data, etc. The goal is to have an informative and enriching experience that will be helpful for graduate students at ECSEPS—no matter their previous exposure to qualitative research.

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Dr. Jeff Caron

Dr. Jeff Caron is currently a Postdoctoral Associate at the Yale Center for Health and Learning Games. Prior to that, he completed his MA (2012), PhD (2016), and first postdoctoral appointment (2016-2017) at McGill University. Dr. Caron first attended ECSEPS in 2009 as a master’s student, which, coincidentally, was the last time that McGill hosted the conference. Since then, he has been a presenter or attendee at every ECSEPS conference. Later in 2018, Dr. Caron is beginning a tenure-track appointment at L’Université de Montréal, so he will continue to be a contributing member of the ECSEPS community and is looking forward to bringing his own students in the near future.

Dr. Caron’s research interests span both sport and exercise psychology contexts, however the majority of his work examines the social-psychological implications of sport-related concussions. His concussion research has been published in leading journals in our field (e.g., JSEP, SEPP) as well as in sports medicine (e.g., British Journal of Sports Medicine, Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine). He has also presented his concussion research at major National and International conferences in our field (SCAPPS, NASPSPA). Dr. Caron’s research has primarily been developed using qualitative approaches, which is why we approached him to deliver a workshop on the topic at ECSEPS 2018.