About Montreal

Fun Facts about Montreal 

Montreal was first inhabited by the Saint Lawrence Iroquoians. The Saint Lawerence Iroquoians established the village of Hochelaga at the foot of Mount Royal during the 14th century.

1496778019.2986631Montreal is the largest city in Eastern Canada, with a population of 1.75 million. After Paris, Montreal is the largest French city in the world. However, most Montrealers, especially downtown, are bilingual.

The city of Montreal is named after Mount Royal, the mountain that is located in the heart of Montreal. It is 764 feet above sea level. No building that is built in Montreal is allowed to be taller than the Mount Royal Cross to ensure that Mount Royal remains a focal point.

296418_267dea70be53f29c5f0ecf65d98532a4baabc359.jpgFood Facts: Montreal has the highest number of restaurants per capita in all of Canada and the second highest in North America, with menus from all around the World. Poutine is a famous food in Montreal, that consists of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy (you have to try it!). Other famous Montreal foods include the Montreal style bagel and smoked meat sandwiches (don’t forget to try Schwartz’s!).

Popular Facts: Montreal is home to the famous Cirque du Soleil. Celine Dion’s, an internationally renown singer, 1994 wedding to René Angélil occurred at the beautiful Notre-Dame Basilica. There are a number of beautiful churches in Montreal. Assassin’s Creed, a popular action-adventure video game was created in Montreal by Ubisoft.

Commerce Facts: Montreal has an underground city that is connected through a vast network of tunnels. It runs over 32 kilometres and is connected to over 2000 stores, banks, universities, museums, metro stations, etc.


Sports Facts: In 1879, the McGill University Hockey Club became the world’s first organized hockey team. Montreal was home to the 1976 Summer Olympics. These were the first Olympics ever held in Canada.



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