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Emilie Michalovic
Hi everyone and welcome to ECSEPS 2018! My name is Emilie and I am one of the two conference chairs for ECSEPS 2018 in Montreal. I am currently a second year PhD candidate under the supervision of Dr. Shane Sweet. My research is primarily focused on individuals living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and their participation in daily and social activities and the influence of peers. Having grown up in Montreal, I am very excited to show off this amazing city and  all it has to offer, in addition to putting on a great conference! I can’t wait to see you all there and I hope you have an amazing time at ECSEPS this year!


Jordan Lefebvre
I am a second-year PhD candidate under the supervision of Dr. Gordon Bloom. My research primarily includes mentoring and leadership in relation to sport coaching. On behalf of the ECSEPS 2018 organizing committee and the department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, we look forward to hosting you here in Montreal!



ErinBErin Berry
Hello, my name is Erin Berry and I am head of the ECSEPS communication team. I am currently a second-year master’s student studying the inclusion of students with disabilities in physical and health education. Looking forward to a great conference! Hope to see you there.


SusannaCSusanna Cere
Hi my name is Susanna Cere and I am on the ECSEPS website team and I am also doing secretarial work. I am presently doing my Masters in Adapted Physical Activity and I work at a school for children and adolescents with disabilities. I am currently examining the perceptions of physical and health education student teachers about inclusive physical education using qualitative methods.


Bradley Crocker
Hello, I’m Brad Crocker and I’m on the ECSEPS website team. I’m a first year master’s student under the supervision of Dr. Lindsay Duncan, and my research interests involve constructions of health and healthy behaviours in university student-athletes. 


Dylan Dalgas
Bonjour, Je m’appelle Dylan. Despite being on the ESCEPS communications team that is the extent of my French, c’est la vie! Currently in the first year of a MA with a research focus on Sport Sociology, specifically looking at the transition from CIS to the corporatized ‘Brand’ of USports and how it may impact upon student-athlete mental health. Of particular importance to me is taking real action towards positive social change external to the stringencies and competitive structure/culture of academia. Aspiring to leave McGill having made a lasting impact on how the university and athletic department respond to student and student-athlete mental health.


Becca Steins
Hey there, I am the ECSEPS social media coordinator, and a first year Master’s student from St. Louis, Missouri. I am currently conducting research on the psychological implications of concussions. My research focuses on exploring the role that coping skills play in the reported symptomology and subsequent recovery process for protracted concussions in female collegiate athletes. 


Venues & Social Coordinators

LauraHLaura Hallward
I’m currently in my second year of my master’s in exercise and health psychology. My research focuses on promoting physical activity among prostate cancer survivors and their primary family caregiver. This will be my 3rd year attending ECSEPS and I couldn’t be more excited to host it this year in Montreal. I am responsible for coordinating venues and helping with any general tasks to make this the best conference possible! 

LaurenHLauren Hennig
I’m Lauren Hennig, a first-year Masters of Arts student in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education at McGill. I am currently researching pre-service physical education teachers’ engagement in advocating for social justice issues in the classroom, using narrative inquiry methodology. I’m also engaged in qualitative research into mentorship programs for individuals with spinal cord injuries. Before coming to McGill, I was a junior high teacher in Edmonton, AB, teaching humanities and outdoor education. I’m an equestrian and an outdoor recreation enthusiast! This year at ECSEPS, I’m contributing as assistant venues coordinator and looking forward to presenting my research proposal.


Shannon Herrick
Hey team, my name is Shannon Herrick and I am the social coordinator for ESCEPS 2018. I’m a second year masters student in exercise and heath psychology. My research focuses on how sexual orientation and gender identity influence physical activity participation, and is informed by my non-profit community organization, Queerobics Mtl. 


Laura Camplani
My name is Laura Camplani and I am an MA student in Adapted Physical Activity. I am an ambitious young woman who loves animals, playing sports, helping others and food (as any true Italian). My thesis is on adults with mental illness and their levels of participation in community-based physical activity programs. With my findings, I hope to be able to create new tools to help increase their motivation to being physically active in the community.  As a physical educator, veterinary technician and zootherapist, I believe that being attentive to small details and listening to those you are trying to help will create long lasting bonds.



ChrisBChris Bailey
I am a second year PhD student and a member of the ECSEPS 2018 finance team. Along with George and Keryn, our role is to prepare and update the budget, which includes monitoring all income and expenses. My research explores how aging affects the development of muscle fatigue in repetitive movements. Although my focus is on biomechanics and physiology, I am also interested in studying the psychological manifestations of fatigue!

KerynCKeryn Chermtob
After six years at McGill, I recently completed a masters in exercise and health psychology. I’ve always had a passion for promoting health, and am now pursuing a masters of nursing. My research interests include peer mentoring, health, and physical activity promotion for adults with spinal cord injury. ECSEPS was my first academic conference, and I can’t wait to watch it take place in my home town. See you all in Montreal!


Zhiyang Shi
I am a 1st year Master’s student and I am in the ECSEPS 2018 finance team. I am mainly in charge of updating the expense and revenue of this meeting. About me: My research interest is exploring the need for peer mentorship program of Chinese living with spinal cord injury. I am very enthusiastic about promoting people’s health and quality of life.



DerekWDerek Wasyliw
My name is Derek Wasyliw and I am the ECSEPS 2018 Sponsorship Coordinator.  I am currently a 2nd year Masters student in the McGill Kinesiology and Physical Education Graduate Program. My current SSHRC funded thesis is entitled Identifying Approaches to Incorporate Indigenous Ways of Knowing in PHETE: Informed by Mohawk Narratives. The purpose of this thesis is to gain a better understanding of how Indigenous ways of knowing may be both practically and theoretically included within physical health education teacher education (PHETE) programs to attend to culturally appropriate teaching and curriculum. Upon completion of my thesis, I will be pursuing my Ph.D. at McGill University. I am currently the Physical Health Education Canada Research Council Graduate Representative, Kahnawake School Diabetes Prevention Project Research Member, and Growing Young Movers facilitator. My passions include being physically active in alternative environments, sports, and travel. 

FrancoisJFrancois Jarry
I am part of the ECSEPS sponsorship team. I was born and raised in the Lachine borough of Montreal. I completed my undergraduate degree in Physical and Health Education and found out during my field experiences that I also love teaching science. I am a first year Master’s student in Exercise Psychology under Dr. Shane Sweet’s supervision. My research interests include the use of peer modeling as a tool to increase exercise self-efficacy in populations with physical disabilities as well as the effectiveness of  self-efficacy measuring techniques. I am an avid runner and have competed for McGill’s Cross-country and Track & Field teams since 2013, currently holding the team record in the 3000m (8:18.79). Don’t be afraid to ask me if you want to learn about the best spots to run in Montreal during your stay!

Kathleen Belanger-Finn
I was born and raised in Saint-Lambert, Qc, the youngest of five extra competitive kids. My interest in sport psychology stems from playing basketball at a high-performance level. I played at the CÉGEP level in Quebec before being recruited to play as a Division 1 athlete in the NCAA. As a result of my athletic experiences, I was interested in pursuing my master’s degree in sport psychology at McGill. My research interest concerns intrapersonal coaching knowledge in successful university coaches. I am excited to be part of the sponsorship team on the 2018 McGill ECSPES committee. 

Sport Psychology profile pic

Pierre Lepage
Bonjour/Hi my name is Pierre Lepage, I am assisting the ECSEPS sponsorship team, and currently a M2 student in Sport Psychology. My interest in sport psychology emerged from my years playing and coaching soccer, the very sport that allowed me to travel throughout North America, integrate McGill, and even enable a French guy to speak decent English. Since my arrival at McGill, I have developed an interest in disability sport, and more specifically in a youth context, which is the subject of my research. I hope you will have a great time at ECSEPS 2018.


Volunteer Coordinators

DanielleADanielle Alexander
Fitness, sport, and physical activity have always been a large part of my life since I was a child. I grew up figure skating and dancing and went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Brock University. I then decided to continue my studies and completed a Master’s degree in Kinesiology at McGill University specializing in Sport Psychology. As an ECSEPS committee member, I am involved in recruiting undergraduate volunteers and attaining sponsorships for the conference.

SamanthaTSamantha Taran
Hi, my name is Samantha Taran and I’m one of the Volunteer Coordinators at ECSEPS 2018. I was born and raised in Montreal and enjoy being outdoors through all four seasons. My PhD research is focused on understanding the determinants of sedentary behaviour in older adults and ultimately trying to change older adults’ sedentary time.